Overview of the Ur archaeological site components

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Palace of Bel-Shalti-Nanna

The Neo Babylonian remains of a large royal palace located on the northeast side of the ancient harbor were uncovered during Woolley’s ninth season. It was the residential quarters of Princess Ennigaldi, also known as […]

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Enunmah Temple

The Enunmah, translated as either ‘The Strong Room or The House of Plenty,’ is located southeast of the ziggurat. The building was a sanctuary surrounded by storage rooms, where cuneiform tablets recording temple revenues were […]

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Ziggurat of Ur Nammu

A ziggurat is a colossal pyramidal-shaped structure composed of several consecutively smaller stages placed one on top of the other to make a steeped tower. The stages are reached via long stairways and topped by […]

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