Tell Digdiga

A small site located approximately 1600 meters east of Ur that is called Digdiga, a cemetery was located that dated to the Third Dynasty of Ur. A large quantity of surface scatter was found, including stamped bricks, cylinder seals, and terracotta figurines that represented gods and their worshippers, as well as clay models of animals, boats, and chariots that could have been toys or votive offerings.

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The Flood Pit (Pit F)

During his excavations, Woolley was trying to locate the earliest or most archaic occupation levels at Ur, as well as evidence of the so-called Biblical Flood that allegedly occurred between the Ubaid and Uruk periods. […]

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Visitor Control Initiatives

A perimeter fence constructed of concrete posts and barbed wire was built around the site in 1969, and has undergone regular maintenance and repairs. In 2008, an entrance arch was erected over the main road […]

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