North Harbor

The second harbor was located along the outer city walls on the north side of the city. It is larger than the West Harbor and in an irregular shape the harbor opened to the Euphrates River. A large canal ran off its back and travelled across the city.

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West Harbor

During his eighth season, Woolley identified a harbor on the outer city walls located just west of the EM Site. The harbor was roughly in the shape of a rectangle and measured approximately 105 meters […]

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The Cemeteries at Ur

The Cemeteries at Ur The Royal Cemeteries of Ur  The Royal Cemeteries were initially discovered in Woolley’s first season when he dug a test trench. However, he did not begin full excavations until the start […]

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Enunmah Temple

The Enunmah, translated as either ‘The Strong Room or The House of Plenty,’ is located southeast of the ziggurat. The building was a sanctuary surrounded by storage rooms, where cuneiform tablets recording temple revenues were […]

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