Visit Ur

General Information

Ticket information

You can get a ticket for visiting the archaeological site of Ur directly from the administration office located at the main gate of the site. The option of online ticket will be activated soon. The ticket price is 5,000 IQD.

Opening hours

The opening hours for visitors are from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm Iraq time.

How to get here

The archaeological site of Ur is located to the southern east part of Nasiriyah city. You can reach the site using the below map.


The site is accessible for everyone and you can reach it using a car. From the car park, a shuttle will be available to bring visitors to the walkway of the visitors tour.


There are tour guides available at the archaeological site providing instructions and information related to all elements of the site. Educational panels will be present on the site, detailing the various archaeological components. Bathrooms are available.

Site visit rules

Any visitor should follow the rules indicated by SBAH for the archaeological sites as per site panels, and the advice of the tour guides.