The EH Site and the Temple of Nimin-Tabba

Additional ruins were located on the west side of Pit F. Woolley uncovered a single large room and a block of seven connected rooms, but most of the walls had already deteriorated and only portions of the baked and mudbrick foundations remained. He dated the ruins to two separate occupations, the Third Dynasty of Ur, and the Isin-Lara/Old Babylonian periods. There were a number of brick tombs as well as simple burials dating to the later period that had been disturbed by the terracotta drains. The second set of ruins adjoined the EH Site and were also initially excavated by Taylor. Woolley found the remains of four rooms whose mudbrick walls were in an advanced state of deterioration. However, he was able to identify the structure as a temple due to foundation deposits dated to the time of King Shulgi’s reign. The temple was dedicated to the goddess Dimtabba (also known as Nimin-Tabba) who was one of four servant deities who served the Moon God Nanna.